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Eyelashes - Strip - Black
Eyelashes - Strip - Black
Sterling Silver Twisted Strands Bracelet - 7 inch
Sterling Silver Twisted Strands Bracelet - 7 inch
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Conditions of Use Conditions of Use

Pureindollgence Conditions of Use

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. However, like any other business we must have a set of terms and conditions which we try to keep as simple as possible and most are really just common sense issues. Please read these terms and conditions carefully, because by continuing to use our service you agree to be bound by these conditions of use.

You must provide us with your real name, address and phone number and email address. We can not do business with you if we dont know who you are or where you live or have no way to contact you should some problem arise. Also, along these lines, we can not be held responsible for packages delivered to either incorrect or invalid addresses. It is your responsibility to have someone there to sign for packages if necessary or to insure they are received when delivered and it is also your responsibility to keep your address on file with us current or to at least contact us with your new information prior to placing an order. Once a package leaves our location, you must agree that it is out of our control as control of delivery is passed to Australia Post when the package is shipped. Additionally, we can not be held responsible for any shipment or delivery delays due to Australia Post, once the package leaves our hands we have no way to control or influence how long it might take to get to you.

We can not be held liable or responsible for any errors or omissions in our product catalog. For example, if an item quantity is incorrectly shown and you order and pay for it, we can not send you the item if out of stock, but we will certainly refund all your money for this error on our part. We try to keep all item quantities up to date, but at times it can be difficult since we sell our stock at several locations. For this reason, you might notice many items with low quantity numbers, we actually may have more of the item in stock but we keep the quantity low to prevent problems in cross-selling. If you require multiples of an item that shows as low stock quantity, please contact us and we can let you know what it in stock and reserve them for you.

Payment Terms

If making payment by bank deposit or some other method other than Paypal, please make sure to somehow identify your payment to us so we can match it up to your order. This is especially true with bank deposit, you would not believe the number of unidentified payments we get in with no way to match them up to order. You may or may not know, that many bank deposits only show the bank the payment came from and the amount of the payment with no identifying information as to who the customer might be. Please provide us with some legible reference code with your payment whether it be order number, your initials or a brief description. Additionally, you can email us to let us know when you have made a payment and what it is so we can readily identify it when it goes into our account. Also, please try to keep your payments accurate. You could not imagine the number of payments we get that dont even match any order amounts. Like, somebody does not feel like making a payment for $48.75 so then just submit a $50 payment with no id or reference what it is for. Or another who will pay $53.45 for the same $48.75 expecting us to know through psychic awareness that they decided they wanted the item shipped via express post instead so just tacked on the extra payment.

Layby Terms

We realize that many people dont always have the money available to pay for an item or order all at once and prefer to do layby payments. We are happy to offer layby services so long as you follow our few requirements. We require that all layby orders pay an initial payment of no less than 10 percent of the total order price. This 10 percent is applied to your order, however, in the event that you decide to cancel or not continue with this layby in the future, we reserve the right to keep this 10 percent payment as a processing and handling fee. Of course, this can be waived under certain circumstances and hardships. We prefer that laybys be fully paid off as soon as possible, but we can not hold your layby order for over 90 days maximum. If you are unable to complete payments within the 90days you risk forfeiture of your 10 percent initial payment although any other payments you may have made to that point will be refunded to you.

We fully record any and all payments you make and will send you an updated invoice after each payment you make. If you make a payment and do not hear from us, it is your responsibility to contact us and let us know immediately. We can not be held responsible for situations where someone claims they made other payments that were not counted and their order should be fully paid by now. Once again, as in our payment terms, it is imperative that you somehow identify the layby payments you make to us. We can not credit your account if we have no way of knowing who a payment came from.

Other Conditions

We reserve the right to change our terms and conditions at any time as we see fit. While we may notify customers via email when large scale changes have been made, it is your responsibility to check these condtions of use from time to time to keep yourself aware of their contents. Additionally, we can not be held responsible for any damage to your home or anyones health from any of our products. Also we can not be held responsible for damages to your computer from using our service in the unlikely event any such thing might happen.



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01.Reborn Doll Plastic Fill - white/Translucent - 1kg pack
02.Newborn Hospital Wristband - White 5pack
03.Newborn Hospital Wristband - Blue 5pack
04.Newborn Hospital Wristband - Pink 5pack
05.Silver Baby Bangle for Reborn Doll
06.Felting Needles - German #36 gauge 5pack 6 barb
07.Mohair - Premium Wavy Medium Brown
08.Mohair - Premium Wavy Pale Blonde
09.Mohair - Premium Straight Dark Brown
10.Mohair - Premium Straight Pale Blonde
Sterling Silver Pink CZ Bracelet 8inch
The bracelet is gorgeous, even better than the picture. I wo ..
5 of 5 Stars!
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